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Lefteris Sikiniotis (Kantenasos) was born in 1932. During his puberty and as a young employee he dealt with building construction. With a lot of love and temper he started growing the land. Gradually, he started planting olive trees and as a result he created a huge olive grove. Except for olive trees, he also grew vinery. He planted many vineries, with a big variety of grapes. Subsequently, his son, Antonios Sikiniotis, born in 1972, having as a vision the development of the estate, he occupied with the land growth until today, with Gerasimos Sikiniotis, of the 3rd generation, and near his grandfather, since he was a young boy and under the sound of lute and the traditional (t)sampouna, he evolved his grandfather's dream and he created a beautiful touristic facility for Mykonos. Today, after a lot of work, the doors are open, in order to welcome the tourists and everyone else, who desire to know the beautiful tradition of the island, which has been lost, lately. The visitor will be able to get informed and taste biological products of Mykonos under the sound of the folk music of our island.


Traditional Tour & Wine Tasting in Mykonos

Guided Tour in the estate.

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